Remind. Revisit. Rest.
Simple Bookmarks with a Rhythm

CycleMarks addresses questions of how to better interact with feeds, media, attention, memory, and time.

Here’s how it works.

A mark can be anything with a link. When adding a mark, you set a cycle.
A cycle is a period of time that passes between a visit and it re-appearing in your daily digest.

It might be once every few days, weeks, months, or even years.
Watch CycleMarks in use, and see how you can use it to create your own rhythm.
Following something on an algorithmic feed means you may never see it again.

The algorithms guess what you want to see, inserts totally random content, all to maximize the attention you spend, and clutters everything with ads.
With CycleMarks, you’re guaranteed to see marks to social profiles (on any platform) again in the future based on how fast or slow the cycle you set is.

On days when there are fresh marks you’ll receive a push notification, along with an optional weekly email digest.
Chronological feeds show you everything all at once. Things that post more frequently are seen more often.

There’s a lot of noise.
With CycleMarks, you set the drip-rate for content you want to check in on.

Instead of everything all at once, content you want to keep up with is distributed across time.
People love using CycleMarks to keep track of all sorts of things.

Newsletters, Instagram profiles, podcasts, Youtube channels, research on, resurfacing notes they’ve made in the past… and infinitely more.

And of course, it works everywhere
on any platform.
Nature is full of cycles. Night and day. Seasons change.

Cultivate a relation to media and content with CycleMarks that reflects patterns you see elsewhere in life, and see where it takes you.
CycleMarks doesn’t let you forget, but doesn’t pressure you to remember.

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